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Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) software is used by many companies for building and animating virtual agents. These agents are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Virtual agents for customer support and online help
  • Online marketing and sales applications
  • Email marketing (viral marketing campaigns)
  • CRM agents
  • Personal assistants
  • Character-based email
  • Animated greeting cards

AST Products to Leverage:

ProductionSync software is commonly used in agent creation software, or in the production of agent content to automate the synchronization of the characters lips, facial movement, and gestures. Most agent content is pre-produced, making ProductionSync a perfect tool for rapidly creating precisely timed content.

If you build agent-based software:

use ProductionSync to add lip synchronization and facial gestures to bring your characters to life.

If you run email marketing campaigns:

consider using animated characters to make your campaign more engaging and interactive. Use ProductionSync software to automate the synchronization of the character’s lip and facial movements.

If you use virtual agents on your website:

use ProductionSync to streamline the production of new content for your agent by automating the tedious task of synchronizing new voice content for the character.

Applications for Agents

Conversational, animated characters enhance the overall customer experience, lower support costs, and deflect telephone and email inquiries. They can offer an engaging, real-time interaction that can effectively deal with a user’s request through an automated channel. They also offer an excellent branding opportunity. To be successful, virtual agents need to be engaging, dynamic, and life-like. This means interacting through speech and providing a synchronized animated character with believable facial movements and gestures.

Manually producing the content necessary for a believable agent is an expensive and daunting task. If the content changes over time, then the added expense of maintaining the content corpus can be prohibitive. ProductionSync automates the production process and make the production of your agent content as simple as recording new voice files.

Automatic Sync software is available as an SDK, has a small footprint, runs faster than real time, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Additional technical details are available at the ProductionSync product page.

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