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Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) software is used in the animation business in three key ways:

  • Automating the lip synchronization process for a customized production pipeline
  • Providing lip sync functionality for standard animation tools
  • Supplementing a Motion Capture system for real-time puppeteering

AST Products to Leverage:

ProductionSync (for pre-recorded productions) or InstantSync (for real-time stream processing) processes the audio stream of your animated character and provides precise timing information for exactly which phoneme sounds are said at precisely what time. This automates the traditional process of manually scrubbing the audio to capture this information in X-Sheet. This highly accurate automatically generated information can be used for:

  • Automatic Lip Syncing
  • Automatic Syncing of Production Cues, Facial Gestures
  • Automatic re-synchronization of animation for which audio has been translated into other languages

If you use a custom pipeline:

add ProductionSync or InstantSync to your process to virtually eliminate the turnaround time to sync audio tracks and, optionally, the script text and production cues with your X-Sheets.

If you build animation tools:

add ProductionSync or InstantSync as a plug-in to give your customers state-of-the-art lip syncing, production cues, and facial gestures.

If you market or use a motion capture system:

add InstantSync to your system to provide real-time lip movement information as a convenient alternative to cumbersome sensor technology.

Applications for Animation

Automatic Lip Syncing

Lip syncing of your animated characters can be automatically generated and synchronized from your audio file.

Automatic Syncing of Production Cues, Facial Gestures

Production Cues and Facial Gestures can be embedded in your written script text and automatically precisely positioned in time from your existing audio file. Production Cues such as "tear_starts_to_roll_down_cheek" or "fingers_open" and Facial Gestures such as "raise_eyebrows#2" or "smile#4" can be automatically precisely synchronized in time from the audio file.

Automatic re-synchronization of translated animation

Automatically perform all the aforementioned functions for other languages, allowing rapid, low cost translations of existing animations into new languages. Translate your text script and record a new audio track in the new language. Then automatically sync your existing animation into the new language's Visemes, Production Commands, and Facial Gestures.

Automatic Sync software is available as an SDK, has a small footprint, runs faster than real time, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Additional technical details are available at the ProductionSync and InstantSync product pages.

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