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Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) software is used by eLearning companies for delivering and managing content. There are two key application areas for AST software in eLearning:

  • Virtual instructors
  • Synchronized text and graphics delivery
  • Captioning and Text-based searching for your audio and video assets

AST Products to Leverage:

Virtual Instructors

ProductionSync software is used to create virtual instructors – animated characters that are delivered along with the audio content of a lesson. ProductionSync is used to automate the synchronization of the instructor’s lips, facial movement, and gestures. ProductionSync a perfect tool for rapidly creating precisely synchronized content.

If you build eLearning software:

use AST software to add key functionality to your platform and make a more compelling experience for your users.

Synchronized Text and Graphics

ProductionSync software can be used to produce precise timing information for words, sentences, and sections of the audio content of a lesson. This timing information is then used to synchronize the display of graphical content to the audio content being delivered.

Captioning and Text-based searching

AST's CaptionSync service provides you with a rapid and cost-effective solution for captioning your audio and video eLearning assets. CaptionSync also offers test-based searching functionality for your viewers. See additional details on the CaptionSync website.

Applications for eLearning

Virtual Instructors

Conversational, animated instructors that are delivered along with the audio content enhance the overall customer experience and make the interaction more engaging and educational. Virtual instructors can offer an engaging, real-time interaction with a user that can enhance the delivery and retention of the material being delivered.

ProductionSync can be used to automate the creation of a synchronized virtual instructor directly from the pre-recorded audio files. Because of the large quantity of audio content involved in eLearning applications, automatic creation of the virtual instructor animation is the only practical way to go.

Synchronized Text and Graphics

Delivery of audio content for eLearning applications can be greatly enhanced by providing text and graphical content to supplement the audio channel. Such multimedia presentations are only effective if the content across the various media are synchronized. For example, if text content is used to supplement the audio presentation, it is imperative that the text displayed matches the audio being played.

Supplementary content to an audio presentation can include the exact text being presented (for example, the text being read is highlighted on the screen as it is being read). It can also include relevant graphical content (for example, assembly diagrams can be displayed as the instructions are being presented on the audio channel).

ProductionSync can be used to extract precise timing information for each word, sentence, or section in the audio presentation. This data can then be used to synchronize the presentation of graphical content on the screen.

Automatic Sync software is available as an SDK, has a small footprint, runs faster than real time, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Additional technical details are available at the ProductionSync product page.

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