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MAYA Plugin Makes Quick Work of Lip Syncing

January 19, 2001

Puppet Works today announced the immediate availability of Voice Works, the fastest
way to lip sync characters in MAYA software. By automatically processing the audio
file of a character's voice track, Voice Works creates lip sync animation in MAYA.
A free trial of Voice Works is available for download at

Voice Works takes advantage of ProductionSync, a proprietary, production-based
voice recording analysis software from San Francisco-based Automatic Sync Technologies.
"It is a great endorsement for Automatic Sync Technologies' software that a well known
innovator like Puppet Works has chosen to work with us." says Kevin Erler, founder of
Automatic Sync Technologies. "We are very pleased they are taking the lead in improving
and accelerating the production of 3D animation, and that they are using our leading-edge
technologies to do so."

"Voice Works allows me to concentrate on the creative part of animating. By handling the
basic lip syncing automatically, I can immediately focus on giving my characters, well,
character." says Daniel Roizman (CG Supervisor) at Kleiser-Walczak. "Even with a voice
track of a thick Irish accent, it gave great results. Awesome job Puppet Works!"

Voice Works uses this phoneme recognition technology to identify key phonetic events in
an audio file (.wav file) and automatically places keys directly into the MAYA animation
timeline. The animator is then able to quickly move on to the addition of emotional
expressions and other artistic elements. Processing and key creation is typically
accomplished at a faster than real-time rate.

"Voice Works adds another important tool to the already extensive repertoire of third-party
solutions available for MAYA, the industry-leading 3D animation and visual effects package,"
says Kevin Tureski, General Manager, Entertainment Business Unit at Alias|Wavefront. "It's
another excellent example of the power of MAYA's open architecture".

Voice Works is totally integrated within MAYA. There are no separate files or file formats.
Scenes animated using Voice Works can be directly handed off to other members of the animation
team for tweaking and additional animation, even if the rest of the team isn't using Voice
Works. In fact the rest of the team won't be able to tell that Voice Works was used at all.
It will be your secret.

Pricing and Availability

The Voice Works plugin for MAYA V3.0(NT) is priced at US$795 and available for immediate
trial download and online purchase at

About Automatic Sync Technologies

Based in San Francisco, Automatic Sync Technologies is a leading provider of automated audio
synchronization and searching tools and software for a wide range of multimedia production
applications. Using leading-edge speech processing and pattern identification technology,
Automatic Sync Technologies provides clients with improved quality and production through
the creation of synchronized multimedia content. Automatic Sync Technologies can be
contacted at

About Puppet Works

Puppet Works takes the creative professional beyond the traditional limits. When working
with complex digital content, the traditional mouse and keyboard combination limits the
creativity and efficiency of the artist. Using the company's expertise in workflow design
and input device innovation, Puppet Works is changing the rules by enhancing traditional
workflows, resulting in not only more content, but more compelling content. Based in
Toronto, Canada, Puppet Works can be contacted at or

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