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InstantSync automatically detects and marks phoneme events in an audio stream. The output of InstantSync allows for automatic lip synchronization in real time for streaming audio applications. InstantSync allows an animated character’s lip movements, facial expressions, and gestures to be automatically aligned and synchronized to its voice track.

Applications for InstantSync

  • Streaming lip-sync’ed animated characters for providing real-time content (help desk, customer service, etc)

  • Adding facial animation to multi-player games where each user’s character is visible to other players in the play space

  • Bringing life to avatars in two-way chat applications

  • Animating personal agents for assistants, sales reps, or service reps

  • Streaming live broadcast audio content to an animated character representation such as a live sportscaster

  • Facial capture for real-time motion capture systems.
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  • C API for Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2K, WinME, WinXP, Mac OSX, and Linux. (Alternative OS can be supported as requested)

  • Audio input is 8kHz, 11kHz, 16kHz, 22kHz, or 44kHz .wav files using 8 or 16 bit samples. (Alternate input formats can be supported)

  • No limit on the length of the audio input stream

  • Output time resolution is 10 ms.

  • Very fast: requires less than 2% of CPU power to process a real-time audio stream on a 3GHz P4.

  • Very compact: executable footprint is as small as 150k.


  • Accurate mouth positioning for real-time audio streams.

  • Synchronizes two-way chat applications, and other applications involving live voice data.

  • Brings previously static characters to life!

  • Better and faster reuse of graphic assets by simplifying the process needed to introduce new audio content for a given character.

  • Substantially more realistic than simple mouth-flap approaches.
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