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New Live Captioning and CART Services

By: Art Morgan
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AST is excited to announce the launch of our new live captioning, remote CART, and remote text-interpreting services, offered through our partnership with Alternative Communication Services (ACS). CaptionSync users can now schedule English and Spanish remote CART services, captioning for graduation and sports events, and remote text interpreting services.

Benefits for Learners

In a classroom setting, deaf and hard of hearing students using CART or remote text interpreting services are able to participate fully in classroom discussions, enhancing their own learning experience and contributing to the learning experience of others in the class. As we have pointed out in previous articles, diverse, inclusive classes provide benefits to all of the learners involved. Students learn the skills to communicate with others who have different backgrounds from their own, and these skills make them more employable and more valuable in the workforce.

In a campus environment, providing live captioning for graduations, sports events, lectures, and other events strengthens your campus community by helping a more diverse group of people feel fully included in campus life.

In short, live captioning and CART services are not just a legal compliance tactic, they are an important part of your diversity and inclusion strategy. By creating an environment that fosters communications skills that are useful in our diverse world, you are effectively helping people become future leaders who will work together to tear down barriers to access, and refuse to let others build new barriers.

Benefits for Your Organization

Our partnership with ACS builds on their reputation for quality and top-notch customer service. By combining forces for this new offering, we leverage both AST’s 12 years of expertise in video platform technology and ACS’s national network of CART, text-interpreting, and captioning experts.

Your organization also benefits from the enhanced account management, billing, and analytics features that we have been building into the CaptionSync platform. Whether you have a distributed billing model or a more centralized approach, we have the tools and features that will help you put an effective and efficient video accessibility program in place.

For pricing and further details, or to set up your CaptionSync account for any of the services above, contact Kara Stark by phone at 877-278-7962, or by email at