Online Caption Editor

To understand how valuable a tool the Online Caption Editor is, let’s take a look at the captioning process and where caption editing fits in. Your uncaptioned video is routed from your computer or video platform to one of our professional transcribers. Once the transcript is complete, CaptionSync uses it to automatically create a time-stamped caption file. The caption file will then appear back on your video platform or you will see the completed files in your CaptionSync account.

This is when you have a chance preview the video with the new captions and make any necessary changes. You may want to change how a name or term is spelled. You can also fix the positioning of the captions. For example, if they are covering something important at the bottom of the screen, you can move them up to the top of the video.

The Online Caption Editor is an easy tool that allows you to review your captions, and it can be a great time saver if there are just one or two small changes you want to make to the caption file. You can make these changes, and in seconds generate a new caption file, ready for use.

Learn how to use the Online Caption Editor in our support center.