3C Media Solutions Closed Captioning

3C Media Solutions is the video delivery platform used by the California Community Colleges System for distance education, collaborations, meetings and training. The system provides on demand programming of video and audio through an easy to access platform. Using the CaptionSync integration, users can login to the 3C Media system and request captioning, which will be automatically delivered and applied to videos.

3CMedia Captioning Workflow

1. Submit your media through your 3C Media Account. We accept a wide variety of video and audio files.

2. CaptionSync will route your media content to a professional human transcriber. Your audio will then be transcribed verbatim.

3. Once the complete and accurate transcript is done, CaptionSync will automatically sync it with the audio to produce a time stamped caption file.

4. The final result will be  delivered directly to your videos using as part of the 3C Media integration.