Brightspace by D2L Closed Captioning

CaptionSync is integrated with D2L Capture, a lecture capture and webcasting solution that enables you to effortlessly capture rich-media presentations and broadcast them to online audiences. Presentations can be embedded into the Brightspace by D2L Learning Environment websites, or other content management systems. You can also caption MP4 videos hosted on your Brightspace by D2L system using our List of URLs Feature and the CaptionSync Smart Player.

Embedding the SmartPlayer into Brightspace by D2L

Embedding the Smart Player into Brightspace course pages allows learners to experience all the benefits of the Smart Player from within Brightspace. With the Smart Player, the video’s transcript will be displayed alongside the video player. This offers time-saving features that allow viewers to search for specific terms, jump ahead in the video by clicking on the part of the transcript they want to see, and the capability to look terms up in a dictionary or in Wikipedia. You can see a full list of features on our CaptionSync Smart Player page.

Accessible video embedded in Brightspace course page

It takes just a few simple steps to embed a video into Brightspace by D2L. Within your CaptionSync account, after you have submitted a video using our closed captioning for Brightspace integration, you have the option to generate a Smart Player URL. Under the Smart Player you’ll find an Embed button that instantly generates a code. Simply paste the embed code into your Brightspace account and you’re done.

Using CaptionSync with D2L Capture

Starting with version 7.4 of D2L Capture, the workflow for adding closed captions to your lecture recordings is completely automated. After the initial setup, Capture Portal administrators can request captions for a recording with just a couple clicks. The video is sent to your CaptionSync account automatically and the captions are delivered back to the Capture Portal and associated with the appropriate recording.

Brighspace Capture player with closed captions

Video Search

The Desire2Learn Capture search feature indexes the captions and timing data, allowing users to locate a precise points in the material.

You can see a demo recording with closed captions and in-video search here, or view a complete D2L webinar describing the new features in Desire2Learn Capture 7.4 here.

Other Benefits of using D2L Capture with CaptionSync:

  • Uses integrated captioning workflow for fast captioning and/or transcript delivery
  • Costs much less than a manual transcription process
  • Displays 508-compliant captions
  • Creates searchable content for finding chapters or subjects within the video
  • Desire2Learn Capture includes a full-featured post-production editor, allowing you to make quick adjustments to the video or the captions (see below).
Full-featured video and caption editor

Getting Started

Once you have a CaptionSync account, getting set up with the D2L Capture automated captioning workflow is simple:

  • When logged in to your CaptionSync account, click on “help” in the upper right and choose option #4 to enable the Desire2Learn integration.
  • Contact your D2L account executive to set up an appointment with a D2L support representative, who will configure your D2L Capture Portal for CaptionSync submissions.
  • A step-by-step configuration tutorial can be found on our site here.