Echo360 Closed Captioning

AST has partnered for many years with Echo360 to deliver professional closed captions that enhance the learning experience.  The new Echo 360 ALP integration takes educational video to the next level.

Echo 360 is an immersive and interactive learning platform that allows instructors and students to communicate while keeping track of daily progress toward learning objectives. Adding high-quality closed captioning to Echo360 video content makes learning assets more accessible to students, promoting a more diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Benefits of Using CaptionSync with Echo360

The CaptionSync workflow is fully integrated into your Echo360 Active Learning Platform. You can configure your Echo360 account to caption lectures immediately after capture, or caption lectures that have been previously captured. To get started on captioning your Echo lectures, here are the steps:

  1. Apply for a CaptionSync Account.
  2. Configure your Echo360 Account to work with your CaptionSync Account.
  3. Select specific lectures, or entire schedules to be captioned.

Other AST/Echo360 Benefits

  • Integrated closed captioning workflow for quick captioning and transcript delivery
  • Costs much less than a manual transcription process
  • Displays Section 508 and WCAG 2 Level AA-compliant captions
  • Creates searchable content for finding topics within the video

Additional Resources

Icon for a PDF file Echo360/AST Integration brochure Icon for a PDF file Whitepaper – Making Recorded Lectures Accessible