Google Drive Captioning Integration

Google Drive is a secure cloud storage and synchronization service, allowing users to store media files and synchronize them across multiple devices. Our Google Drive captioning integration makes it easy to request captions or audio descriptions directly from your Google Drive account.

Closed Captioning for Media stored in Google Drive

After a quick and easy setup, CaptionSync users can make captioning requests for their video and audio files stored in Google Drive. Simply select the media you want to caption, choose a turnaround time, add notes for the transcriber or purchase order number, if necessary, then click submit. Your media will automatically be sent to a CaptionSync transcriber. Once finished, you will be notified by email and the caption files will be available to download through email or from your CaptionSync Account.

Screenshot: requesting captions from your Google drive account

To display the captions, you can easily use the caption files with our CaptionSync SmartPlayer, and embed it into your LMS or course page. You can also display captions inside Google Drive using a .srt file. For more information on our Google Drive captioning integration, visit our Support Center.