Kaltura Closed Captioning

Kaltura closed captioning is simple using the AST-Kaltura integration. Over 150,000 companies and organizations use Kaltura’s flexible platform to enhance their websites with advanced video functionality.


Watch the video above to see how AST works using the Kaltura player, streamed from Kaltura’s online video platform. Keep in mind that when videos are transcribed and captioned using the AST-Kaltura closed captioning integration they become fully searchable.

Another way to make your captions searchable, and add other interactive features at the same time, is to use the AST Smart Player with your Kaltura videos. The Smart Player adds an interactive transcript pane to captioned videos, which allows users to search within videos and jump to a particular spot.  You can use the AST Smart Player at no extra cost with any videos captioned through our Kaltura integration. Below is an example of the Smart Player, providing captions and interactive features for a video hosted on Kaltura:

An online version of the Kaltura setup guide is available here.