MediaAMP Closed Captioning Integration

With MediaAMP closed captioning is just a few clicks away for any video stored on the platform. MediaAMP boasts an easy user experience, from consolidated storage to fast publishing and fully automated workflows. With the CaptionSync integration, captioning is also an automated part of the MediaAMP workflow. Just choose the media you want captioned from within the MediaAMP platform, and CaptionSync will automatically deliver the results back to the platform.

1. Submit your media through your MediaAMP Account. We accept a wide variety of video and audio files.

2. CaptionSync will route your media content to a professional human transcriber. If the content is in a specialized field it can be directed to a subject matter expert. Your audio will then be transcribed verbatim.

3. Once the complete and accurate transcript is done, CaptionSync will automatically sync it with the audio to produce a time stamped caption file.

4. The final result will be  delivered directly to your videos using as part of the MediaAMP integration.