NCast Closed Captioning

AST has partnered with NCast, an online platform that provides effective, scalable, and cost-effective methods for presenting rich content. NCast technology is revolutionizing presentation streaming with open-standard products that offer automation, ease of use, accessibility, low cost of deployment, and scalability. NCast enables you to take your lecture further, allowing both professors and students to exel. Students are able to view recorded lectures live or on-demand, useful for those that are absent for a particular class. Professors are able to make streams available for students by authorizing lectures for viewing.

Captioning your lectures within NCast is possible with the power of CaptionSync now integrated into the platform. You can request captions from AST within the platform, just select the videos you want captioned and CaptionSync wil send them to professional transcribers that are familiar with the subject matter.  When the transcribers are done, CaptionSync creates caption files in a number of formats, depending on your needs, and the files automatically appear back in the NCast platform.

To learn more about the NCast closed captioning integration, including details on how to set it up, please see our how-to guide on the CaptionSync Support Center