Panopto Closed Captioning

AST integrates CaptionSync with Panopto’s Focus system, which offers automated video capture, streaming, search and archiving solutions. Automated capture solutions allow organizations to quickly and effectively capture presentations, courses and meetings and present this material in a comprehensive, accessible and searchable playback environment.

Using CaptionSync with Panopto

The CaptionSync workflow is fully integrated into the Panopto Focus system. Captioning Panopto Focus lectures is accomplished by clicking the “Request Captioning” button in your Focus system. You can also configure Focus to automatically caption presentations immediately after capture. See our Panopto tutorial for an overview on how to configure and use your Panopto system with CaptionSync.

Focus screenshot with captions displayed.

Video Search

Panopto uses AST’s captions and timecode sync to allow users to use word search to locate a precise point in the material. It also aids in cataloging. Focus allows viewers to scroll through the captions and click on any one to jump right to that point in the video. Focus also provides a powerful Search tab that allows viewers to perform text searches on the captions to find with pinpoint accuracy the areas of the video of interest. Play with a captioned Focus presentation to experience the power of caption-based searching for yourself.

Panopto Search Window

Other AST/Panopto Benefits:

  • Uses integrated captioning workflow for fast captioning and/or transcript delivery
  • Costs much less than a manual transcription process
  • Displays 508-compliant captions
  • Creates searchable content for finding chapters or subjects within the video

Priced Right

CaptionSync is a web-based pay per use service so there’s no software to buy or install. Just choose the services you need (transcription and captioning) and pay for them online.

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