thePlatform Closed Captioning

thePlatform™ is the leading provider of online video management solutions. AST partnered with thePlatform to allow easy automation of your captioning and transcription workflow using CaptionSync. With professional transcribers, you can be assured that your post-production captioning will be completed with a 99%+ accuracy with CaptionSync — results that are unachievable with speech recognition and crowd-sourcing solutions.


Captioning requests can be made directly from thePlatform’s mpx console. Just indicate which videos you want captioned, and we’ll do the rest. Through CaptionSync, videos are routed to the appropriate transcribers, and caption files are created. All caption formats requested are automatically sent back to thePlatform and matched with their corresponding videos.

thePlatform – CaptionSync Example

The video above was captioned by CaptionSync and shows a thePlatform player with closed captions enabled. Caption fonts and styles are fully configurable. Learn more about CaptionSync with our online feature tour, or schedule a demo with a captioning expert. Details about how to set up the thePlatform closed captioning integration can be found on the CaptionSync Support Center.