VoiceThread Closed Captioning Integration

VoiceThread is an online application that creates a multi-media learning experience. Users upload, share and discuss media such as presentations, audio files and video. Students and teachers can comment on slides through text, video or audio. It is VoiceThread’s philosophy to allow anyone, anywhere and anytime to participate in conversations, which is why it is a highly accessible platform, compatible with screen readers and closed captioning.


An Easy-to-Use, Simplified Workflow

With the CaptionSync integration in VoiceThread, closed captioning can be requested in just a couple clicks directly through the application. After a quick setup process, this integration simplifies your workflow by allowing you to request and receive CaptionSync captions files all from within VoiceThread; there is no need to download or upload files. You can check the status of your captions at any time through your CaptionSync account, and the completed files will be delivered automatically back to VoiceThread. Once received, you can turn the captions on with the CC button in the top right corner of the VoiceThread platform.

Read how to configure your VoiceThread Integration in our Support Center.