Warpwire Captioning Integration

AST integrates with Warpwire to securely deliver professional closed captions to educational video assets. Captions through Warpwire are beneficial to more than the deaf and hard of hearing; whether it be a loud room, unfamiliar accent, technical terms or a new language, captioning can improve learning outcomes for all students.

Captioning requests can be made through the Warpwire interface with just a few clicks. Caption requests can be directed to an administrator for approval. Once the captions have been requested, the user will see a new “View Caption Requests” button which they can click to check the status of the submission.


Once complete, the caption files are automatically delivered back to the asset within Warpwire. Captions will show once the viewer clicks on the CC button. Subsequently, the media will be searcheable using the media rich caption search tool.

Our support center offers more information on the Warpwire captioning integration and the simple set up and submission processes.