How to Spread the Word

Thank you for using AST. AST has been providing closed captioning services for over 17 years, producing more than 5 million caption files for over 4,000 customers. We’re proud of the fact that most of our new business comes from referrals from existing customers. If you’re happy with the captioning service and support that we have provided for you, help us spread the word.

Ways to Spread the Word

If you already have an AST account and have captioned video for your organization, you’re in a good position to be able to explain to colleagues how to get their videos captioned. However, you shouldn’t need to explain the details of captioning to everyone one-by-one. Here are a few ways that you can help spread the word to friends and colleagues more efficiently:

Intranet and Wiki Pages

If your organization allows you to create or add to intranet, wiki, LMS, or other internal pages that list recommended vendors for various services, please add us to that list. Here are a few examples of short, medium, and detailed listings, and the corresponding HTML code to add these listing to a web page. If you only have room for one sentence, send people to our home page with something like this:

Text Example Get HTML Code

AST’s CaptionSync service is an affordable, accurate, web-based solution for closed captions, transcripts, translation and video search data

If you have a little more space, you can provide a more ways to contact us, along with a link to our CaptionSync Support Center, which features over 200 articles covering everything your colleagues will need to know to get started captioning their videos, no matter what video format or platform they are using. For example:

Longer Text Example Get HTML Code

You can contact AST by email at, by phone at 877-AST-SYNC (877-278-7962), or to sign up for a new account go to the Get Started page. Once you have created your account, the CaptionSync Support Center is a great resource, with online tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to get closed captions for virtually any video format or platform. You can also submit a support ticket from the CaptionSync Support Center if you have any problems or questions about a captioning job, and a support team member will get back to you right away during business hours (9 AM to 5:30 PM Central Time, Monday – Friday, except holidays).

If you would like to include the CaptionSync logo with a link to our site, you can do so like this:

Logo Example Get HTML Code

CaptionSync by AST

Share on Social Media

If people in your social networks might need to caption video, please share information about CaptionSync by AST with your network. As you browse any pages on our site, if you see sharing icons like the ones below you can use them to share the page on your social network or blog, or even just to email the page to a friend or colleague.

If you have suggestions or questions about any of these ways to spread the word, or if you need something custom for your organization, contact your account manager or email us at Together we can help ensure that all video is accessible to everyone who wants to view it!