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AST’s automated captioning tools offer a self-service option that is significantly faster and easier than alternative captioning options. For narrative content with good audio quality, our automated captioning solution will produce excellent results. You can further improved the quality with transcript markup features that allow you to flag music or other non-narrative content and offer the ability to manually edit the results.

Our Result Review service offers another level of quality assurance. For content with suboptimal audio quality or that requires the highest accuracy, AST editors will review the automated captions and make any necessary corrections.

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This review offers:

  • Accurate caption timing
  • Typographical error correction
  • Error correction in speaker ID formatting

If you are providing your own transcript, make sure that it is complete and accurate. Our reviewer will make minor corrections to your transcript to adjust for minor formatting problems or typographical errors.

For feature films or television productions, you should use our review service specifically tailored to this type of content: Cinema Certified Result Review.