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    Get Smarter Video with the CaptionSync Smart Player™

    By: Aylin Dunham
    interactive transcript video player

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    If you haven’t heard about the CaptionSync Smart Player yet, you are missing out on an impressive addition to AST’s toolset. Our Smart Player allows you to expose the hidden value in post-production captioning by leveraging interactive transcripts and caption tracks as part of an engaging, interactive viewing process. Just look at the list of features that make the CaptionSync Smart Player so much more than an ordinary video player.

    • Interactive transcripts that allow you to see the text and immediately jump to any point in the video by clicking on a word in the transcript
    • Text Search
    • Dictionary lookup
    • Wikipedia lookup
    • Improved SEO by providing fully-indexed content to web crawlers
    • Trim the video and share a clip via Facebook, Twitter or direct URL
    • Embed the player on any website

    The CaptionSync Smart Player also has another feature that you won’t find even in most advanced video players. It provides an effortless way to generate captions and a transcripts for any video on YouTube, even ones you don’t own.  Learn more about captioning YouTube videos or generating captions from an online video you don’t own by reading our detailed description on our support site.

    To see the CaptionSync Smart Player with interactive transcript in action, watch our latest video below.