AST strives to provide the best possible customer support. Our goal is to deliver a quality product quickly and efficiently, and to make sure you are completely satisfied with the result. Our friendly support team is available on business days from 9 AM to 5:30 PM Central Time. Most questions received during business hours are answered within four hours.

Support Tips


AST’s CaptionSync system is an automated system that receives captioning/transcription jobs, processes them, and returns the results to clients. AST focuses a tremendous amount of attention on ensuring that high quality results are returned to you. We constantly review our transcribers’ performance, and the CaptionSync automated processing performance. While AST does not review every job that is processed by CaptionSync, we detect potential problems through four different mechanisms:

When a problem is detected, AST takes immediate action to rectify the problem. If the source of the issue is transcriber error, we record the issue for our performance rating of that transcriber, and then work with the transcriber to ensure the issue does not occur further. If you have a transcript with errors, please contact us and we will address your concerns. If the source of the problem is due to CaptionSync’s automation, we will manually review the timing and make corrections. We use the data to improve CaptionSync. Because CaptionSync runs only on AST’s servers, we are able to rapidly deploy corrections and improvements to CaptionSync, and do so frequently.