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What to Submit to a Captioning Provider to Ensure the Best Results

By: Aylin Dunham
notes for the transcriber

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When submitting video or audio content to a captioning provider and transcription service, there are a few things you can and should provide to make the process go smoothly and to ensure the best quality results. What you should submit will depend on your specific project, but here are some things to consider.

Turnaround Time & Deadlines

When using CaptionSync, if you already have a completed transcript there will be less need to worry about turnaround time. CaptionSync can create many different caption file formats automatically using your transcript. If you don’t have a transcript already, there are a few different options for turnaround time that will correlate with the cost. Customer service can go over your pricing options with you to help you pick the best option. Be sure to let them know about specific deadlines so they can make sure your files are completed and available in your CaptionSync account on time. If there are steps you must take after the captions are delivered, let us know about those to so we can recommend how far in advance you need the caption files.

File Formats

When submitting your files to a captioning service for the first time, required input formats can be a little confusing. Our customer service can walk you through what you do and do not need to submit. In most cases all we need is an audio file like a .mp3, or a low bitrate .mp4 version of your video. If you need a quick reference, you can always look at the formats we accept for submissions in our support center.

Specialized Content

If the video you are submitting has industry or domain-specific content, let us know and we can direct it to a specialized transcriber. For example, if you have a video about math or for the medical field, we can ensure the transcript is completed by a transcriber on the appropriate team of transcribers.

Notes for the Transcriber

We recommend adding notes for the transcriber for more complex submissions. Your notes can include details about your specific project. Some of our customers will provide a glossary of special terms. You can also include general information like spellings of names, proper nouns and technical terms and words or phrases that are meant to be grammatically incorrect. If you don’t include any notes for your transcriber and something does end up being misspelled, there is no need to resubmit the content. You can use our Online Caption Editor to quickly and easily make corrections and instantly generate a new caption file.

More information about making closed captioning submissions can be found in our Support Center.