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    Whiteboard Wednesday: Getting Started with Our Captioning Services

    By: Aylin Dunham

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    We often meet people who have been newly assigned the task of making sure that all the videos used by their organization are closed captioned. Sometimes they come to us having already tried captioning in-house or using some other inefficient method. It is an admirable goal, but it nearly always turns out to be more challenging than they imagined. This month’s Whiteboard Wednesday video explains how to get started with our easy, high-quality, affordable closed captioning services.

    Video Transcript:

    Hi this is Courtney with Automatic Sync, and in this Whiteboard Wednesday we will be discussing some of the challenges that you may face when providing closed captioning for the first time, and potential solutions that could save you and others on your media team a lot of time.

    Getting started with closed captioning begins when you first learn that you need to provide them in order to make your videos accessible. You may not know where to start, leading you to try various captioning methods that are difficult or inefficient.

    Here are some ineffective captioning methods that some beginners struggle through:

    These methods are not only inefficient, but they rarely produce the quality standards individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing require in order for the captioning to actually help them.

    At this point, you’ll realize that captioning may not be something you want to tackle yourself. Using a service like Automatic Sync will take the burden of closed captioning off you and make the whole process easy and efficient, while still affordable.

    When browsing our website during business hours, a chat window will pop up. You can live chat with our team member, Kara, and she can answer any questions about how to get started, technical details, cost and how the process works. You can also fill out a contact form and we will get back to you within one business day.

    Once we’ve answered all your questions and you are ready to start an account, just fill out our signup form located under Login. We will then set up an account for you and you’ll be all set to start captioning.

    Our support center articles can guide you through the process of creating your first captions either through the CaptionSync web interface, or through integrations with your existing video platform. If you’re going to be doing a lot of captioning you may want to set up an onboarding process with one of our account managers, who can guide you through the process and walk you through any part of the setup and learning process.

    When you’re all set up and more comfortable with the platform and captioning request process, the support center also contains resources and answers to questions that may arise for different captioning and transcription projects.

    If you have any technical difficulties or can’t find the information you need, you can submit a help ticket within the support center. We will be happy to guide you through anything you need.

    We hope this information will make your experience getting started with captioning as smooth as possible. Remember, captioning doesn’t have to be a burden on you or your team.

    Thanks for watching this Automatic Sync Whiteboard Wednesday.