Why Choose AST?



Our quality is guaranteed. With 99.5%+ professional accuracy right out of the gate, you’ll get ADA compliant captions without having to make corrections.


Education Expertise:

AST was built in collaboration with a team of education experts whose goal was to create a flexible service able to meet the rigorous needs of educational organizations. Our transcribers thrive on challenges like captioning complex STEM content.



AST uses professional transcribers who are based in the US. They’re skilled to produce top-quality results for video content and trained to follow security and confidentiality practices to protect the privacy of your information.


Customer Service:

AST provides dedicated customer service to its customers, offering comprehensive account set up, leading accessibility expertise and quick response times.


Compliance & Technical Expertise:

With 17 years of experience in the captioning industry, AST has the resources and knowledge to offer expert advice and solutions for ADA compliance and technical needs.



Customers can use AST on an as-needed basis, without volume commitments or contracts. Our services are also scalable for large volumes with fast turnaround times, with flexible account management and reporting features.


Easy Workflow:

Our CaptionSync service seamlessly integrates with video platforms and web conferencing applications to speed up the captioning process. This saves your staff time, and allows us to stay competitively-priced without sacrificing quality.



AST offers many free tools including our Smart Player, which leverages interactive and searchable transcripts following UDL principles. We also offer other cost-saving features, such as the ability to download multiple captioning formats at no additional cost.